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Wood Painting

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Wood Painting

Wood is a premium material that not only has a broad range of functional applications but also has the capacity to radically change the appearance of your furniture, making it look simply stunning. If you have a home that is created in a classic style, a modern style, or one that is distinctively yours, adding wooden doors and windows will enhance its quality without a doubt. When it comes to the things we use every day, the time has an effect on them all, including wood doors, windows, and furniture. Wood that has been well cared for may have a longer lifespan, higher resilience to damage, and be better equipped to handle unwanted guests such as fungus, insects, rats, and so on.

The visual appeal of wood may be enhanced by painting it with the appropriate paint, which would also protect its underside from decay. If you employ Cochin Painters, we will take care of the wooden doors, windows, and furniture in your house so that you don’t have to worry about it. This may help you feel less stressed. Simply give us a call, and we will see to it that everything is taken care of. Our wood polishing and wood colour painting are top-notch. We paint teak, mahogany, and other types of wood for our customers. Our wood colour paint professionals will restore the wood’s natural beauty and extend its longevity for many years.

At Cochin Painters, we’ve honed our painting skills to include painting woodwork. We provide painting wood services to assist you to protect your home’s roofs, gates, and grills. Refinishing and touch-ups for any and all types of wooden surfaces in your house, such as cabinets, furniture, doors, decks, walls, ceilings, and windows are just some of the services we provide. We are able to match and recreate any unique wood colour finish that you have in mind, which means that whether you currently have a mark on your closet or if you require different kinds of wood finishes in your house, we can help. Afterwards, we’ll apply the specified finishes to the item as needed.

You’ll be able to give wood the greatest treatment possible with the wood colour paint service offered by Cochin Painters, and every wooden component of your home will be able to stand out and make a statement all on its own with the help of this service.

Our Cochin Painters are well-versed in this process and can handle it with ease. We ensure a flawless appearance of all painted wood surfaces. We use high-quality and eco-friendly paints that maintain your wooden surfaces safe from insects and pollutants.

Various colour tones for wood painting

Colourful wood paint may be utilised in various parts of your home. We have a range of wood colour paints that may be used to give your doors and windows a unique look. There are several colours and textures of wood colour paint for doors to choose from to give your interiors an own feel.

Wood Painting Services of the Highest Quality and Lowest Cost

When it comes to refinishing and painting your hardwood furniture, things may become tough. To get the finest results, contact our professionals at Cochin Painters instead of wasting time Googling “wood polish near me.” No matter what you have built of wood—furniture, doors, windows, or anything else—we can restore it to its former glory. A typical wood colour or a weatherproof wood paint can also be chosen, depending on your requirements. For minor tweaks, you can reach out to our team of professionals.

Process of Wood Painting by Cochin Painters

1. Sanding: Let’s get started!

We can transform your wooden couch, dining table, and other pieces of furniture into dazzling works of art. By protecting your wooden things from insects and rodents as well as fungus, Cochin Painters’s excellent wood painting services enhance the visual appeal of your wooden goods while also extending their useful life expectancy.

Sanding the wood surfaces before staining or painting them is the first stage in our wood painting procedure. There are three stages to this process: first, we remove all the dust, next we remove the wood colours and then we remove any shiny coating that is left.

2. Stain: Get the grain out!

Once the woodwork is sanded to a beautiful, uniform finish, it’s ready to be stained. When the wood stain is put on a wooden surface, it can modify the colour and bring out the grain patterns. Teak and Mahogany-like wood stains are available in a broad range of colours. The one that best meets your needs and financial budget should be your first priority! It’s feasible to apply these stain coats before or after polishing.

3. Polish: To get a high-quality finish

Wood surfaces may be polished using various polishes and procedures. Polish can be done by hand or with specialised equipment, depending on the surface. Even if the surface is discoloured, we use chalk powder before polishing to obtain a steady and uniform colour. To protect your wooden items, we only use high-quality wood polish colours.

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    Sandesh P - Cochin Painters Customer

    Mr. Sandesh

    Happy Customer

    Great team work and a quality job done by a very sincere and hardworking team , in a very competitive price. Thanks to the entire Cochin painters team.

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    Ananthu S - Cochin Painters Customer

    Mr. Ananthu

    Happy Customer

    I strongly recommend Cochin Painters service. The team who will guide stage by stage and they resolved my every concerns. I told them I had minimal days here and they completed their work on time as promised. Good job guys.

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    Shoba P S - Cochin Painters Customer

    Mrs. Shoba P

    Happy Customer

    They explained the process, products to be used, timeframes and negotiated a price that was acceptable to me. These guys were very professional right from the start.

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    Customer Krishnan Raj

    Mr. Krishnan Raj

    Happy Customer

    Excellent service by Cochin Painters team. I wish them good luck. I did recommend my neighbour during work was executed. Will for sure recommend more. Thank you.

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    Shemir muhammed - Cochin Painters Customer

    Mr. Shemir Muhammed

    Happy Customer

    Very much delighted with painting jobs of Cochin Painters.very professional and quality work with a reasonable cost. Very much reliable.

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    Danny David - Cochin Painters Customer

    Mr. Danny David

    Happy Customer

    Very good and effective way of completing work. Very satisfied with end results of colouring pattern and wall design is excellent.

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    Anju Kannampuzha - Cochin Painters Customer

    Mrs. Anju Kannampuzha

    Happy Customer

    I find these guys are way professional and work is sweet, as I love the interior and texture design that they approached and at the end, I like they way they work.

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