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Rental House Painting

Renting a home? Hire the finest painters in Ernakulam to paint your house. Whether it’s a little accent wall or a major makeover, your house needs the finest painters to perform the job well. Cochin Painters’ rental painting services provide you with alternatives that are streamlined, efficient, and affordable all at the same time. Because we know that the appropriate wall paint can make a world of difference to the overall appearance and style of your house!

Painting a rental house is a costly and time-consuming process. To become a successful homeowner, maintaining the condition of your investment property is an essential component. As long as you have the correct equipment and planning, the process can go well and stay within your budget.

 Check out these expert tips below for painting your investment home to get you started.

  • Colour Can Make or Break a Project

When it comes to picking a paint colour for a rental property in Ernakulam, it’s not the same as doing it for your own house. If you’re renting an apartment, your goal is to create a blank canvas for your tenants to decorate with their sense of style. Neutral colours are the best choice because there are so many options available. In this method, house owners have a better chance of not alienating a significant number of potential tenants with highly personal or bold colour selections that don’t appeal to all of them. The term “neutral” isn’t always synonymous with the colour white. There are a plethora of subdued shades that work nicely in rental apartments. With Cochin Painters‘ rental painting services, it’s easier than ever to completely change the look of your walls without any trouble, hassle, or worries.

  • Decide on the Best Method of Finishing

Rental properties in Ernakulam have a higher turnover rate than owner-occupied properties. As a result, your painted surfaces will begin to exhibit signs of wear and tear much earlier. For this reason, it is important to choose a suitable paint finish for each part of your rental property. Check out this helpful guide from Cochin Painters on different finishes and how to use them.

Flat or matte paint– With no gloss, flat or matte paint creates a profound saturation of colour on the wall. However, cleaning it is a hassle. Keep it out of the way by putting it in a bedroom or other area that isn’t frequently used.

Eggshell finish– An eggshell finish is fantastic for covering minor flaws in walls because of its low gloss. However, like matte paint, it is difficult to clean and should only be used in low-traffic areas.

Satin – If you’re painting a rental property, satin is a great option because of its gentle sheen. The finish is long-lasting and suitable for both low and high-traffic locations.

Semi-gloss finish – This paint is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens due to its ease of maintenance.

High gloss – In any room, a high gloss finish can make a statement. But if it isn’t done by a professional, it can be rough and uneven. In addition, properly applied high gloss is water-resistant, sturdy, and simple to clean. Ideal for kitchen doors, trim, and cabinets.

  • Strive for a cost-quality balance

Painting a rental home in Ernakulam may be pricey. Especially since you’ll be painting more regularly in an investment home. Saving money should not equal sacrificing quality. Walls normally need two coats for the greatest finish. The best technique is to buy decent mid-grade paint. Buy one colour for all of your rental homes to save money. Buying in bulk saves money and allows you to touch up and match colours simply. We at cochin painters have years of expertise assisting house owners in selecting the best paint colours and service providers to keep their rental property looking new.

Five Things to Consider Before Painting Again

Inspection: A detailed move-out examination should be performed as soon as the renter has left the property. This allows homeowners to assess any damage that may have been done to the walls or other components of the home.

Clean: You may discover that a little soap and water or a Magic Eraser can erase minor scuffs or grime from walls. Focus on high-traffic locations, such as the doorframes and light switches.

Plan ahead: The amount of wear and tear that each room experiences is not the same. Consider only touching up areas with low traffic and only repainting areas with heavy traffic when necessary.

Analysis: Analyse to see whether or not your property is competitive with those that are located nearby. If this is not the case, a new coat of paint and a refreshed appearance may be necessary to attract potential tenants.

Encouragement: For rental property owners, maintaining a good renter in place is the best way to secure constant revenue. Tenants can be encouraged to extend their lease if the landlord agrees to repaint the interior of the property after a certain number of years. Tenants may also appreciate your effort to make sure the property always looks its best.

Should You Do It Yourself or Invest in Professional Help?

House owners in Ernakulam can save money on their rental properties by painting. However, before you commit to doing it yourself, you should think about how much time and work it will take. The reality is that your time is valuable, and it may be possible to produce superior results in a significantly shorter amount of time by investing in a reliable painting vendor. Cochin Painters have the personnel and the equipment necessary to complete the job quickly and effectively. The longer the property remains unoccupied, the less cash you will have coming in. Freshly painted interiors attract high-quality tenants to your listing. With a few coats of paint, the space can be transformed.

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    Sandesh P - Cochin Painters Customer

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    Great team work and a quality job done by a very sincere and hardworking team , in a very competitive price. Thanks to the entire Cochin painters team.

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    I strongly recommend Cochin Painters service. The team who will guide stage by stage and they resolved my every concerns. I told them I had minimal days here and they completed their work on time as promised. Good job guys.

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    They explained the process, products to be used, timeframes and negotiated a price that was acceptable to me. These guys were very professional right from the start.

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    Excellent service by Cochin Painters team. I wish them good luck. I did recommend my neighbour during work was executed. Will for sure recommend more. Thank you.

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    Very much delighted with painting jobs of Cochin Painters.very professional and quality work with a reasonable cost. Very much reliable.

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    Very good and effective way of completing work. Very satisfied with end results of colouring pattern and wall design is excellent.

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    Anju Kannampuzha - Cochin Painters Customer

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    I find these guys are way professional and work is sweet, as I love the interior and texture design that they approached and at the end, I like they way they work.

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