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Wall Putty Application

Wall Putty Application - Cochin Painters
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Wall Putty Application

Wall putty is a great way to give your walls a strong base. It works effectively as an undercoat for emulsion paints and smooths up rough plasters inside and outside a building. Wall putty is used in many places to cover up rough spots and make the surface smooth. It also protects the surfaces from rough looks, dust, and heat. Because of this, the structure will last longer and look the same as time goes by. It is a powder with an acrylic base that makes a great base for cement or concrete walls and ceilings. Wall putty helps make walls look beautiful. It also has a smooth finish and low resistance to dampness.

Whether we are moving into a brand-new house or upgrading the one we already have, we all want our homes to have a faultless and beautiful appearance. One of the many considerations that must be given in order for us to successfully complete this undertaking is the selection of appropriate wall putty. Wall putty is used as a first step, and doing so guarantees that the paint will have a longer lifecycle once it has been applied. When it comes to choosing putty, we at Cochin Painters have a wide variety of products for our consumers in Ernakulam.

Before you learn which wall putty is ideal for your home, you need to know what it is. Before painting the walls, Cochin Painters use this white-coloured, smooth mixture. Cement is the only ingredient in this concoction. Before being applied to the walls, we first powder and then transform them into a mixture. The degeneration of your walls might be slowed down by using wall putty. Further, it protects your walls against water and heat damage, friction, and undesired scaling.

Different types of Wall Putty are available

Acrylic Wall Putty

  Acrylic wall putty is a water-based acrylic putty designed specifically for interior wall application.  This sort of putty has a smooth texture and long-lasting qualities.

White Cement Wall Putty

White putty is one of the most common kinds of wall putty used in homes today. It is a putty that is based on polymer, and it is becoming increasingly popular. The putty is perfect for use on walls both inside and outside of a building since it is made up of polymers, white cement, and other minerals. It is well known that this particular sort of putty gives the walls an excellent finish that is shiny and smooth. Putty made of white cement offers exceptional adhesion properties when used on walls.

Advantages of Using Wall putty

  • Wall putty reduces the cost of the painting by using less paint.
  • Water-resistant wall putty reduces moisture accumulation.
  • Wall putty bonds to paint, making it robust and long-lasting.
  • It enhances the paint colour by giving the walls a glossy, smooth surface.
  • It’s durable and avoids paint peeling.
  • Wall putty increases tensile strength.

Using Wall Putty: Tips and Tricks

Depending on your taste, Cochin Painters provide you with certain tips on how to use wall putty. You may apply wall putty to both interior and exterior walls. What kind of wall putty do you plan to use? To ensure a smooth end result, wall putty should always be combined with a gentle stream of water. The mix should be agitated using a mechanical stirrer. Putty should be utilised within two to three hours following preparation. To minimise wasting putty mix, the putty mix should be created in small quantities.

Precautionary measures and Work pattern

We wear goggles and a face mask as a precautionary measure when removing loose particles off the wall. Expert painters at Cochin Painters ensure that the wall should be clear of any undesired particles, such as dust, grime, oil, moulds and so on. We use clean towels to wipe off the surface to remove any remaining dust particles. When cleaning oil-painted walls, we use sandpaper to remove any undesired particles. We take care to remove all the holes and dents in the wall with a screwdriver. We pre-wet the wall before applying the wall putty. The putty is able to form a solid connection with the wall substrates after this stage. We use equipment such as a putty knife and a stiff brush, to apply wall putty to your plastered wall. After the putty has been applied, we smooth the dried surface using sandpaper to finish the job.

You have to let go of the idea that painting your home’s walls is all that is necessary to make them appear fantastic; in reality, this is not true. Invest some time and energy into finding the perfect wall putty for your wonderful house. The putty can be used for modest touch-ups if you’re repainting your property and there isn’t much damage to the drywall. Choosing the perfect wall putty for your house may be a challenge because there are so many different brands to select from.

Our wall putty painting professionals in Kochi are well-trained and can give your walls a perfect finish. We help people all over Ernakulam.

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